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Music for a Captive Audience - Elevate Atlanta

Music for a Captive Audience” turns the newest downtown feature, The Atlanta Streetcar, into Atlanta’s first mobile performance venue!  For 14 hours during Elevate 2015, musicians from Atlanta’s premiere contemporary music ensemble Bent Frequency will occupy the street car to give free concerts to all riders for the duration of the loop route. These Streetcar performances will feature 12 musicians performing in various combinations of solos, duos, trios, and quartets. Visitors, concertgoers and adventure seekers will experience a unique sonic landscape while discovering what makes Atlanta unique, culturally and historically.

Get on the "ELEVATE" Streetcar at the Woodruff Park Stop (NE corner of Peachtree and Auburn)

Visit Elevate Atlanta's facebook page for more info:

Fri. 10/16 7pm - 9pm

7—8 pm    Jan Berry Baker (saxophone), Stuart Gerber (percussion), Tania Maxwell Clement (viola), Klimchak (percussion)

8—9pm    Stuart Gerber (percussion), Klimchak (percussion)                

Sat. 10/17 6pm - 7pm

6—7 pm   Adam Scott Neal (percussion), Olivia Kieffer (percussion)

Mon. 10/19 12pm - 2pm

12-1 pm    Jan Berry Baker (saxophone), Stuart Gerber (percussion), Klimchak (percussion)

1—2pm     Klimchak (percussion), Adam Scott Neal (percussion)

Tues. 10/20 12pm - 2pm

12—1pm    Adelaide Federici (violin), Sarah Kruser Ambrose (flute)

1— 2 pm   Adam Scott Neal (percussion), Brandyn Taylor (saxophone)

Wed. 10/21 12pm - 2pm

12—1pm    Klimchak (percussion), David Smart (lap steel)

1—2 pm    Klimchak (percussion), David Smart (lap steel), Brandon Dodge (percussion)

Thurs.10/22 12pm - 2pm, 6pm - 7pm

12—1pm    Brandyn Taylor (saxophone), Olivia Kieffer (percussion)

1 –2pm      Luther  Enloe (guitar)

6— 7pm    Adelaide Federici (violin), Katie Baughman (soprano)

Fri. 10/23  12pm - 2pm

12—1pm    Amy O’Dell (toy piano)

1 –2pm     Jan Berry Baker (saxophone), Stuart Gerber (percussion)