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Bent Frequency Duo Project

Percussionist Stuart Gerber and saxophonist Jan Berry Baker are The Bent Frequency Duo Project.  Stuart and Jan havecommissioned over 20 new works for their duo and have given countless performances of this new repertoire across the US, Mexico, and Europe since 2014.

The first iteration of this project was truly international in scope, including commissions from seven American composers ( Robert Scott Thompson, Chris Burns, Devin Maxwell, Jeff Herriott, Roshanne Etezady, Kevin Schlei, and Chris Arrell) and two European composers (Vivienne Olive from Germany and Stefano Pierini from Italy). They performed across the East Coast (Worchester, Boston, Storrs, Hartford, and New York), the Midwest (Milwaukee, Chicago, Champaign, Oshkosh, Dekalb, Whitewater and multiple cities in Indiana), Texas (Huntsville) and Nuremberg, Germany.

In 2014/15 they premiered works by Mark Engebretson (commission funded by a grant from the Barlow Foundation), Amelia Kaplan, Amy Williams, andPaul Elwood, giving numerous performances across the Midwest, Southeast and in Colorado.

In 2015/16 they will continue touring in the United States, in North and South Carolina in the fall and in Pennsylvania, New York and Omaha in the spring, and will perform across France in January. Premieres this season include works by Laurent Durupt (commission funded by a grant from the French American Cultural Exchange), Klimchack, Dorothy Hindman, Olivia Kieffer, Adam Scott Neal and Lowell Fuchs.

2017/18 features commissions by Elainie Lillios, John Liberatore, and Zack Browning.  Check our upcoming events page for tour details. 

Stuart and Jan have recently released Bent Frequency's debut album on Centaur Records featuring a number of these works. Click here to download!